Our Technology

With the national implementation of ACROSS (Revenue Canada's Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System), J.B. Ellis steps to the forefront both in terms of customs release and personalized service.

This is how efficient and easy the system works:

The Shipper:
1.receives a request to ship goods to Canada,
2.fills the order and prepares the bill of lading and invoice for customs,
3.adds the unique shipment identifier number in the form of a bar-code label to the bill of lading and presents it to the carrier,
4.faxes a copy of the bar code bill of lading and invoice to J.B. Ellis, (or sends data electronically).

It's that easy!

The only change for the shipper is the addition of the bar-code label to the bill of lading, and we can supply the labels.

From then on it's up to J.B. Ellis:
1.We receive your faxed copy of the bill of lading and invoice.
2.We transmit the necessary release data to Canada Customs' computer system using the unique shipment identifier number as the locator.
3.We monitor the process while customs officers review the information and make a release/examine decision which they add to the electronic file... all this while your shipment is enroute to Canada.
4.We confirm the customs' release and account for the applicable duties and taxes owing.
5.We provide an all-inclusive statement of all your transactions at the end of the month, minimizing your paper burden while maximizing your duty/tax cash flow. (optional)

At the Border:
1.The carrier hands the customs officer the bill of lading and the officer scans the bar-code.
2.The customs officer advises the carrier when the goods are released.
3.A release decision allows the carrier to deliver the shipment to destination.

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Canada & USA:
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