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Revenue Canada will be reviewing the duty and GST your firm has paid over the last two years.


You know they will be verifying the origin of certain goods and you have concerns about the NAFTA certification on file. You also have goods imported duty free on the basis of end-use provisions, but are not certain you have an audit trail in place to verify this. There is also the question of valuation on several "no charge" items and goods that were leased for a few months from a US supplier.

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You call in a customs consultant from J.B. Ellis & Co. Ltd. He reviews your documentation, speaks to your vendors and your end-use customers and gives you a pre-audit evaluation of your circumstances. He also assures you that you can rely on his expertise to deal with the audit team's final report. If there are penalties issued, and some mitigating circumstances, he will work towards finding an equitable resolution with Revenue Canada on behalf of your firm.

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