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You have paper purchase orders, commercial invoices, customs entries and brokers invoices. You also have fax communications pertaining to those transactions as well as your internal accounting documentation.


Too much paper and too little time to manage it. Like everyone else, you have pressures to become more efficient. In today's business environment, the key to prosperity lies in efficiency. You cannot continue the trend of hiring more people to push more paper.

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You bring in the experts from J.B. Ellis & Co. We put you on our batch billing program. We discuss electronic communications with your company and your foreign vendors. Our communications strategy incorporates EDI, Email, Internet and/or fax - or any combination thereof. We take the time to establish what you need from us in the way of support data to your import transactions. We can receive fax documentation from your vendors and turn it into electronic data for Customs. It can be delivered to you in either format, paper or electronic. J.B. Ellis & Co. works with you to establish the most efficient way for your company to conduct your import business.

Phone: (604) 408-7150
Fax: (604) 408-7175
Canada & USA:
Phone: 1-800-655-5257
Fax: 1-800-655-5258


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