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You have been given a certain quota allocation by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), in Ottawa. Once your allotment is used up, you must pay export fees of up to $100.00 USD per FBM. Your existing customs broker requires that you complete and fax an application form for the export permit for each shipment. Your broker files all the permits and charges you a fee.


No one is managing your quota allocation file and confirming against the records of DFAIT. On a day to day basis, you have export sales and transfers of lumber. You have no way of knowing your on-going balance of "free" wood and when you might be subject to export fees. To make matters worse, you can not find the time or the resources to develop a solution. Your desk is covered with invoices from your broker, one invoice for each permit and at least one permit for each shipment.

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You enlist the services of J.B. Ellis & Co. We set you up on a program where it is not necessary for you to complete and fax an application form for each shipment. We apply for and secure permits. We manage your quota allocation file for you and give you management reports on an "as needed" basis to enable you to keep accurate control on your export sales. These figures are verified with DFAIT. On request, we tell you how much lumber has been exported, who to, from what source, and what your balance is. We can even tell you how much has been sold for export but is still en route to the US. To simplify matters even more, we accumulate our invoices and send them to you periodically, with a covering statement.

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