Non-Resident Importers' 

Non-resident importers and resident importers share the same rules, regulations, rights and responsibilities concerning customs.

As the name suggests, these are companies that do not have a physical presence in Canada, but still import goods into Canada. J.B. Ellis is an industry leader providing non-resident importers with the kind of assistance they need to enhance their business opportunities in Canada.

Now you can ship direct to your customers.

With the trans-border freight services available today, and the expedited customs release, your product can reach your Canadian customer faster than ever before. In many cases, it is no longer necessary to do business through a distributor.

If you are a Non-resident importer, this is how it works:
1.You receive an order for a product from a Canadian customer.
2.You add the unique shipment identifier number in the form of a bar-code label to the bill of lading and present it to the carrier.
3.You invoice your customer. The duty, GST (Goods and Services Tax), brokerage fees and possibly the freight are all imbedded in the invoice total.
4.You call a carrier to ship it to the customer in Canada.
5.You fax the documentation to J.B. Ellis.

From then on it's up to J.B. Ellis:
1.We receive your faxed copy of the bill of lading and invoice.
2.We transmit the necessary release data to Canada Customs' computer system using the unique shipment identifier number as the locator.
3.We monitor the process while customs officers review the information and make a release/examine decision which they add to the electronic file... all this while your shipment is enroute to Canada.
4.We deduct all of the non-dutiable charges from the invoice price before accounting for the product with Canada Customs.
5.We provide an all-inclusive statement of all your transactions at the end of the month, minimizing your paper burden while maximizing your duty/tax cash flow.

Your customer will find their purchase as easy as buying domestically.

J.B. Ellis & Co. can get you started.

We will tailor a program to meet your needs. This will include completing an analysis of the logistics, establishing the Harmonized System (HS) tariff classification of your product, providing counseling with respect to registration under GST, and establishing proper customs valuation and documentation.

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