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If your current customs broker is a traditional customs broker -
It may well be time for a change!

Not long ago, customs brokers received documentation for your shipments, waited for them to arrive, posted a bond for release of your goods at the port of arrival, prepared and presented an entry to customs, paid the duty and tax owing, and sent you an invoice.

Today we have electronic release set up prior to the arrival of your goods, electronic entries, importer bond programs, batch billing, and electronic communication strategies. We are also very pleased to see the return of personalized, professional service from industry experts.

Soon, under the government's recently announced NBR (New Business Relationship) initiative, we will have periodic customs accounting in a post audit environment, for those companies approved.

We use our automation and international trade expertise to develop innovative strategies to trans-border trade.

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Customs Audit: Ready or not, here they come! Are you prepared?

The Canada Customs Invoice and NAFTA Certificate of Origin are now available for download.

We now provide a link to current updates of the Softwood Lumber Activity Report.

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Pars Inquiry: View your Pars shipment status online Check Pars Shipment Status...
image Your firm is a high volume, Canadian importing company...
image You represent an American company with manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S., and you are exporting your products to Canada...
image You are a high volume exporter of Canadian softwood lumber to the USA...
image You are a Canadian importer, and the high volume of your shipments has resulted in a paper jungle...
image You have just received word that your firm has been targeted for a Revenue Canada audit...

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